Windows and doors protect your home from dirt, pests, and debris. And even a small tear in a window screen or a malfunctioning sliding door lock can impair the window’s or door’s ability to do its job. But Total Window & Screen Repair can repair your screens, windows, and sliding doors so that you don’t have to replace them entirely. Ask about our window rescreening service for Palm Coast, FL, and Flagler Beach, FL.

What Services We Offer

We specialize in screen, window, and sliding door repair. We work to always provide a solution for your windows and doors. We repair screens on a variety of household fixtures such as windows, doors, porches, and pools and can work with a variety of different screen materials.

We also make sure your window balancers are intact to keep your window up and can also install stainless steel track caps over bad door runners to ensure the door opens and closes smoothly. You can also contact us for vinyl window repairs for your four-track windows.

Installation and replacement costs are significantly higher than repairs, so you can feel confident that you will save money by choosing our services

What Benefits You Receive

A sturdy window screen keeps out debris and pests, but it also gives you other benefits. When you have a screen, you can open your window or door to allow fresh air to circulate through your home, without the fear of pests entering.

And with a smooth sliding door that locks correctly, you can enjoy the ease of access the door provides while also feeling secure in your home.

How We Help

With over 30 years of experience in door and window rescreening and repair, we pride ourselves on our quality services and satisfied customers. We provide a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, so you can feel confident that you’ll love your new screen or door repair, and if you don’t, we’ll work on it until you do.

For experienced repairs on your home’s screens, windows, or sliding glass doors, call or text Total Window & Screen Repair at (386) 503-2178. We will make sure your windows and doors are always protected.